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Seville in Spain, is the perfect romantic scenery to showcase the Innocent Collection by Libelle Bridal. The spectacle of light and majesty of this location mirrors the unique and timeless elegance of this new collection. The Innocent Collection offers a stunning range of wedding dresses that are both sensual and traditional, perfect for the bride who wants to make a statement while also honoring the classic beauty of a wedding gown. This collection balances sensuality and simplicity perfectly.

If you want a wedding dress that reflects your unique style and personality, the bridal separates from the Innocent Collection is the perfect way to go. Create your own individual look with our bridal skirts and tops.

The Innocent Collection by Libelle Bridal assures that the bride is the star of the show. From a full ballgown to an airy and flowy wedding dress, the Innocent Collection holds a gown for each and every bride. No matter which style you choose, a Libelle dress is sure to make your wedding day unforgettable.

The Innocent Collection by Libelle Bridal

Wedding Dress Jody - Libelle Bridal

Our Story

Imagine a world of everlasting love and magical celebrations. In this world, Libelle Bridal shines brightly as a symbol of modern creativity and fresh ideas. Libelle Bridal is all about making beautiful wedding dresses that blend today’s fashionable styles with the special traditions of weddings. 

Our design team is formed by artists, crafting wedding dresses that are both modern and timeless. They mix modern trends with classic looks, making dresses that fit perfectly for today’s brides who want something extraordinary on their big day. These dresses are like stunning works of art, with every detail carefully thought out. 



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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which style of wedding dress suits me?

First, consider your personal style. Are you more drawn to classic, romantic, modern or vintage styles? The destination of your wedding is also important. If you have, for example, a beach wedding, a lighter more flowing dress is better for you. If you have a formal indoor ceremony a more structured and elegant gown might suit you better. Another tip is to be open minded. Try on different styles to find out which suits you the best. You might think that one style is the best for you, while another style suits you way better.

What should I bring to the fitting appointment?

Bring shoes that you are going to wear to your wedding or are at least similar to the shoes that you want. This will give you a more accurate idea of how the dress will look and fit when standing at full height. To get the full experience, bring beautiful accessories that you intend to wear. With maybe an heirloom or necklace that you want to wear, you get the full picture with your dream wedding dress. If you have specific ideas about your hair on your wedding day, we advise you to wear it the way you want it on your special day.

What is important when fitting wedding dresses?

When fitting a wedding dress, it is important to know how comfortable the dress is. Can you wear it the whole day and are you able to sit in it? When it is for example too tight in some areas, it can alter the experience on your special day. The fit is also one of the most important things to look for in a wedding dress. The dress should enhance your natural curves and create a beautiful silhouette. All these things are necessary to look out for in a dress, but the most important one is that you should feel like your dress is the one.

Who should I bring to the fitting appointment?

We advise you to bring people whose opinion you value very deeply. You want people at the fitting appointment who are honest, but supportive. They need to say when something doesn’t fit you very well, but also need to cheer you on when they see your dream dress. The first people that you think of are your family and closest friends. You can also bring your future mother-in-law, to strengthen your bond. We also advise that you don’t bring too many people. Everyone has their own opinion and too many opinions can make you doubt your decision.

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