Plus size wedding dresses: a complete guide

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding dress, every bride deserves to feel confident and beautiful on her special day. For plus-size brides, finding the right dress that complements their curves and enhances their beauty is crucial. In this guide, we’ll explore various plus size wedding dress styles, with a focus on plus size long sleeve wedding dresses, plus size mermaid wedding dresses, and different overall styles that cater to plus size brides.

Plus size long sleeve wedding dresses

Long sleeve wedding dresses have a timeless and elegant appeal. For plus size brides, these dresses offer both coverage and style. The extended sleeves provide a flattering silhouette, drawing attention to the arms while offering a touch of modesty. Plus size long sleeve wedding dresses are perfect for brides who want to strike a balance between sophistication and comfort.

Plus size mermaid wedding dresses

Mermaid wedding dresses are designed to hug the body’s natural curves, accentuating the waist and hips before flaring out at the bottom. Plus size mermaid wedding dresses celebrate curves, offering a romantic and glamorous look. These dresses can be particularly flattering for plus-size brides who want to showcase their hourglass figure. The mermaid style adds a touch of drama while ensuring a comfortable fit.

Plus size wedding dresses styles

Beyond long sleeve and mermaid styles, there are numerous other wedding dress styles that cater to plus-size brides. A-line dresses, ball gowns, and empire waist dresses are popular choices. A-line dresses are universally flattering, creating a balanced silhouette. Ball gowns offer a fairytale feel, while empire waist dresses emphasize the bust and flow gracefully over the rest of the body.

Benefits of Each Style for Plus Size Dresses

Long Sleeve Dresses

  • Offers arm coverage for those conscious about their arms.
  • Provides a classic and sophisticated look.
  • Perfect for all seasons, offering warmth during cooler months.

Mermaid Dresses

  • Highlights and celebrates natural curves.
  • Creates an elegant and dramatic silhouette.
  • Ideal for brides who want to make a statement with their dress.

Various Styles

  • A-line Dresses: Universally flattering for all body shapes.
  • Ball Gowns: Adds a fairytale touch, creating a princess-like feel.
  • Empire Waist Dresses: Emphasizes the bust and provides a flowing, comfortable fit.

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